Hardwood Flooring: What’s the difference between a lace-in and a header?

When switching from one type of flooring to another, it's critical to consider the transition. For example, we used an old hardwood floor to demonstrate how a new hardwood floor is tied into it. At this junction, do you lace-in or use a header?
Lace In Hardwood Install Patagonian Rosewood With Pattern

What is a lace-in (continuous)?

A lace-in (continuous) is a method used to adjoin and match a new wood floor with an existing wood floor. A lace-in consists of matching the color and grain pattern and then jointing and joining the two boards to create one solid floor. For example, if there is an existing hardwood floor, then the new wood floors would be adjoined and joined to create one solid surface. The main difference between a lace-in (continuous) and a normal installation is that you must match up all of the colors in order for it to work properly and refinish the entire surface.

Lace In Hardwood Install Patagonian Rosewood With Pattern

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What is a header (defines two spaces)?

This piece of hardwood is located at the end of a wood floor. This “header” board will help hide where one surface ends and another begins. Since there’s no need to pull up boards, it’s less expensive than a lace-in. Plus, the seams are hidden so the board is easier to install.

Wood Floor Installation with Header

What are transition strips?

A transition strip prevents your new wood floors from coming in contact with other surfaces. This is particularly useful in high-traffic areas where abrasion can occur easily, such as on an outside porch or near the kitchen. Transition strips are not meant to be used as an installation method, but rather a transition point between two different surfaces.

Wood Floor Transition Strips

Transition strips come in a variety of colors and widths to match your new hardwood floor.

Should You Consider Lacing In your Wood Floors?

There are a few different ways to match hardwood flooring with an existing wood floor. One of the most popular is a lace-in, which is typically used when you want to extend your current wood floor into another room. A header, on the other hand, is typically used when there’s no need to pull up boards and it’s less expensive than a lace-in.

It comes down to how you envision this transition and the spaces. In this particular photo, I wanted the transition to be continuous (lace-in) but if instead I wanted them to be separate spaces (header) I could have done that as well. It all comes down to preference and the look you want for your home!

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