Introduction to Midwest Flooring Company: Planting a tree after every customer review with Review Forest

Midwest Flooring Company plants a tree after every customer leaves us a review with ReviewForest. Refer to our site to see our current status as we push towards our goal of 10,000 trees. Its a big goal, but we know we will get there as we grow within the kansas city community
Your review plants a tree

Every customer that hires us for a great experience is allowed to plant a tree! This not only helps us intending to be an environmentally friendly flooring company, but it also allows customers to have something beautiful in their own homes. We are so proud of the work we do and want all of our customers to be proud too!

 We are currently striving for 1,000 trees planted, although we have a long way to go! It’s a big goal to reach our target of having eco-friendly synonymous with vinyl flooring. We want the Kansas City community to know that Midwest Flooring Company is dedicated not only to providing eco-friendly products but also to being environmentally sustainable in every way possible. Giving back to the community is a priority for us and we will continue doing so!

Midwest Flooring Company Kansas City Environmental Efforts

What is ReviewForest?

Here at Midwest Flooring Company, we love trees! is a website that runs an initiative called “Plant a Tree for Every Review” which, as the title suggests, plants one tree for every review left on their site by customers of your business. We fund our customer’s reviews on ReviewForest so they are helping the environment just by using our company! The more reviews we get, the more trees will be planted and in turn protecting the earth as well! We love planting trees at Midwest Flooring Company and it has become part of what we do since people like reviewing us anyway 😉

If you want to plant a tree after by leaving a Google review with Midwest Flooring Company follow this link:


Website Link:

Midwest Flooring Company Kansas City grows a Review Forest

How to get started?

Midwest Flooring Company is an environmentally friendly flooring company that helps you by planting a tree for every review left on! If you want to be green and help the environment just leave us a review here: Midwest Flooring Company Google Reviews or visit our website at! We love to give back and make the community a better place for everyone.

Benefits For All Of Us

We feel that our business would not be the same if we did not have a green environment in which to work. We also try to run a green company and make green decisions if it doesn’t interfere with our customers’ needs in the process. Planting a tree is an excellent method to mitigate climate change. Planting trees can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Trees store carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, so the more trees we have on Earth the better.

Trees benefit the Earth in a variety of ways. They provide oxygen and store carbon dioxide, which helps mitigate climate change. Trees also help keep soil healthy by absorbing water and releasing it back into the ground when needed, helping to regulate our weather patterns. And they provide shade from the sun’s harsh rays during the summer months! The more trees we have on Earth, the better off we all are!

Contact Midwest Flooring Company

We are happy to be able to offer the best flooring experience in Kansas City. If you’re looking for a new carpet, wood or vinyl floor installation service that is environmentally friendly and provides excellent customer service, we would love to hear from you! Whether it’s your first time buying floors or if you have been shopping around with other companies already, give us call at (913)888-5383 or request an estimate online at today!

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