the artistry of wooden floor medallions

The Artistry of Wood Floor Medallions

Wood floor medallions are an ancient design that have been used for centuries to add beauty and elegance to living spaces. The artistry of these wooden inserts can be seen in their intricate details, which are created entirely by hand.

The classic look of a wood floor medallion is reminiscent of the royal palaces or lavish ballrooms from days gone by. They make any entrance look grand, a spacious living room like a palatial ballroom, or provide regal accents down a long hallway.

Custom Wood Floor Medallions

The individual species of wood are cut and shaped by an artisan before they are assembled as one unique piece for the floor. The artisans spend hours perfecting the beauty of each piece, making sure that they fit together perfectly. When we see a medallion on the floor, we never see just one species of wood used to create it. It is usually made with five or six different types of wood and stained in different colors. This is because some species of wood will not match up together. With these multiple layers, medallions come alive with depth and dimension you can explore from every angle.

The final assembled piece glues to a backing board, usually marine-grade birch plywood, to prevent warping. They are statement pieces that set your home apart from the rest.

Most medallions come unfinished, and the thickness is 3/4 in. or 5/16 in. with square edges. Inlays are designed to make a statement, and they can be used with solid color or stained pieces. This technique is often used to create a border for the room. They come unfinished, which means you can finish it along with the surrounding floor.

Custom-Made Wood Floor Medallions & Inlay Designs

If you don’t like any of the premade designs, you can order any custom design to match your unique vision. For example, if you want a medallion inlaid with a family crest, you can have it made with a certain species of wood that will match. Once cut, master artisans painstakingly assemble each piece to create a one-of-a-kind medallion. The lead time for a custom wood floor medallion is four to six weeks from when you order. Your assigned professional will advise you.

How to Determine the Right Hardwood Floor Medallion Size

One rule of thumb for determining the size is to cover one-third of the room or space’s width. For example, if the room is 15 feet by 20 feet, a 5-foot (60 in.) inlay is a good choice.

A proportionally larger inlay may be utilized in the hall for a great impact. It’s an excellent accent for the floor and space. However, it could be overwhelming if the hall is too short.

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